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Best Pens for Pug Dog

The Best Playpens and Gates for a Pug Dog

And The Top 5 Benefits

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Many owners wonder where to keep their Pug during the day when the puppy or dog is home alone. Others are not sure how to control their Pug from peeing all over... or from chewing things up.

Others have had close calls with various dangers such as mouthing something and almost choking or coming close to ingesting something toxic.

And just about all owners have, at one time or another, worked to solve the issue of a Pug being bored, with the owner having to repeatedly find toys for him to play with. 

Fortunately, there is an answer to this and other issues, and it all comes down to a canine playpen. Let's take a look at how this can help your Pug.

What, Exactly, Is a Canine Playpen?

One thing these are NOT is a crate. Crates are small cages that severely confine a dog in a tiny space. Most are made of metal or heavy plastic. Placing a puppy or a dog in a cage can cause severe stress, both physically and mentally and they do nothing to help with housebreaking. 

A playpen, on the other hand, is a large structure that is meant to offer a safe, comfortable designated area for a puppy or dog. 
Some are fully enclosed spaces, akin to a small room; they have a floor (great for keeping messes off of the flooring in your house), sides (with plenty of lookout windows), and covers (most are removable)

These types of enclosures are often made of a sturdy yet breathable material (often a combination of nylon and mesh). 

These are also sometimes referred to as exercise pens (though they are not really for that purpose)
Others have a simpler, yet just as effective design. These will be constructed of molded plastic panels.

The big difference between this sort of pen and the first type is that this sits on your floor (so you'll want to use this over tile, laminate or wood flooring and not necessarily carpeting) and it does not have a removable cover dome. 

Both are portable and are easy to bring from room to room or even take outside (if you need your Pug to stay in one spot but will be there to supervise).

The Top 5 Reasons a Playpen is Awesome for a Pug

#1 It limits destructive chewing.  So many owners put tons of effort into trying to stop a teething puppy from ripping everything apart and may even experience the sorrow of having a favorite shoe chewed up; but aren't sure what to do. And you certainly can't stop the natural process of those teeth erupting and the strong itch that accompanies this.

The right sized pen is absolutely an effective way to keep a Pug to one area where the only thing he can chew on are the toys inside the pen with him. 

#2 It helps with boredom -  At first you might think that placing a Pug in a pen would increase boredom; but in some cases it can actually help. 

Pugs need to have a lot of interaction with their humans in order to be happy; however, it's just not possible to be by your Pugs side at every moment.  Pens can come in handy in regard to having a Pug be surrounded with all of his favorite toys. They can't roll away, be tossed very far or get lost in a pile of other things.

#3 It helps with separation anxiety. There are many working pieces that all come together to help a Pug deal with separation anxiety such as having the right toys, doing practice runs, leaving on lights, playing special music, and more. And a big part of helping a dog cope is to offer the right set-up.

Dogs often fare much worse when they are alone in a big empty house or even have a large room to themselves. The empty space increases feelings of isolation.

So, having your Pug in a playpen when you're not home is the perfect answer. Along with a quality canine bed, it offers a 'den', which many dogs perceive to be a place of comfort and security.

In addition, the pen ensures that all of a Pug's supplies and needed items are right by his side; this is an important aspect that should not be overlooked. No matter what, his food and water, toys and other necessities will be right within reach and cannot roll under a sofa, be kicked away or misplaced. 

#4 To limit housebreaking accidents. This is a huge benefit to having a pen for a Pug. Many owners face the frustration of a puppy or dog peeing inside the house or making messes as soon as the owner's back is turned. And while you should be working hard on training your Pug, it's important to limit accidents until he is fully trained.

For owners wondering how to stop their Pug from peeing all over the house, the answer is to stay on track with training, and for any times you cannot keep an eye on your puppy or dog, to have him in his playpen. 

#5 Safety issues. While this is not something that many owners think about when they wonder about the best way to confine their Pug in the house or where to put him when he's home alone, this is certainly a vital benefit. 

Hopefully, you regularly puppy-proof the house to limit what sort of dangers your Pug can encounter. But even so, dogs are remarkable skilled at finding something to mouth or attempting to ingest something that was overlooked. When your Pug is in his playpen, external dangers are removed. 
For nylon and mesh pens that can be popped up both and home and on the go, here are some great choices. If you do not see the images, try a refresh. If you have a blocker, images will not appear. And, on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 
For paneled pens, you can choose a smaller door or a swing door; both are good options as they can be left open for your Pug to enter and exits as he likes (when you are home),which gives him the feeling that he has his own special place for toys, treats, etc. and this will help a dog be more receptive to being in his pen when you have to leave the house. 

If you do not see the images, try a refresh. If you have a blocker, images will not appear. And, on mobile, you may need to turn your screen horizontal to see all 4. 
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