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Wonderful Ideas for Gifts to Give to a Pug Dog

And more!
Of course, you don't need a special occasion to buy a gift for your Pug dog; he or she is deserving of gifts all year round! However, at Christmas, Valentines's Day or on birthdays, this is a reminder that your Pug would be very happy to receive some new toys and other special things.

Face it, dogs have very few possessions, so what they do have they tend to really love and appreciate. But, toys can wear down or Pugs can lose their enthusiasm for things when they get old. Receiving a new gift can lift a dog's spirits and at the same time, help their humans feel great about being the giver. 

In regard to the Christmas holidays and for birthdays, most owners include and recognize their pets. Polls show that 63% of owners buy their dog at least one present for these special days. For Christmas, 40% of owners buy a small collection of goodies (both toys and treats) to fill up a holiday stocking. 

And what can really make a day special, is to buy or bake a cake for your Pug; there's some great pumpkin cake recipes that you can use to make a healthy dessert for your puppy or dog (including frosting!). 

One of the best elements about finding great gifts for your Pug, is that most serve a legitimate purpose. Whether it's to help keep him happy when he's home alone... or to offer better toys to keep him busy... or to help him with teething, these selected items offer both the benefit of making your Pug happy and to help him with his days. 

So, let's get started, to see some great gift ideas for your own Pug or for a special dog that you know. 

Great Toy Gifts to Serve Different Purposes

For Pugs that are teething - When a Pug puppy is teething, the best gift you can give him is one that soothes his aching gums and hits just the right spot for all that itching that is happening in his mouth. Tip - freeze these toys for about an hour, to give to your Pug cold, this will be an additional element that helps him. 
For Pugs that are really strong chewers - Are you surprised at how sharp and strong your Pug's teeth are? Do toys get ripped and shredded way too fast? If so, your Pug will love these toys for super strong chewers, their just about invisible.
For Pugs that need a toy to draw them in & keep their attention - Don't be fooled if your Pug ignores his toys, some dogs just need a bit of encouragement to play. When a toy calls out to them and speaks, this can make playing very exciting for a puppy or dog. If this is what your Pug needs, these are the perfect gifts. 

Excellent Gifts for Pugs that Don't Like Being Home Alone

There's things you can do to help your Pug with separation anxiety such as having him in an indoor canine playpen or gated off area, so that he does not roam a big empty house (have it filled with great toys, a quality dog bed, water, food in treat-release toys, pee pads) and experiment with a window vs non-window view. 

However, the best methods include having actual products designed to help dogs. The two main things that can help a Pug are a companion toy (so that he doesn't feel alone) and soothing sounds (to keep him calm and again, to help him not feel so isolated).

Here are some awesome gift ideas for Pugs that need a bit of help:
Companion toys that offer both a soothing heartbeat and warmth (optional) - With these, your Pug is no longer alone; he has a 'living' friend to snuggle against and to keep him warm. 
Music and music & speech - One of the best gifts you can give is that of feeling safe. These recordings (MP3, streaming, CD) are especially created for a dog's hearing. In this way, these songs or songs & speech that make a dog feel as if someone is singing/speaking right to him and this can really help when a Pug is by himself. 
Christmas Owl

Christmas & Holiday Gifts to Give to a Pug Dog

The holidays is the perfect time to make your Pug know that he is part of the family.  When everyone gathers around the tree, be sure to include your puppy or dog.

Here's some great ideas to bring about holiday cheer and to offer as special gifts that will brighten up your Pug's day.

Holiday Accessories 

These are perfect to help your Pug get into the holiday spirit, while additionally making your Pug look adorable. 

Cute Holiday Sweaters

Stretchy, warm, comfortable and high quality, these awesome winter sweaters serve two purposes: To bring about some holiday cheer and to keep your Pug warm on cold winter days. 

Christmas Themed Gifts - Perfect for Under the Tree

Canines are incredibly smart, they know when a day is special and people are excited when they are getting gifts. So, be sure to not leave your Pug out of the celebration. These special toys make wonderful gifts for the holidays, and being high quality, they will last well into spring and summer. 

Yummy, Made in the USA Holiday Treat Gifts for a Pug

What's the holidays without special food? You don't need to leave your Pug out! Here are some top recommended treats, both those that you can buy and give to your Pug right out of the package or a those that you can bake for him for a special dessert. 
Birthday cake icon

Birthday Gifts to Give to a Pug Dog

No matter how old your Pug is, the time goes by way too fast. However, this is the one special day out of the year that you can make it all about your dog.

Show your Pug how special he or she is by giving him some awesome gifts, both fun birthday themed toys and a special birthday cake mix, so that he can celebrate just like we humans do. 

Fun, Quality Birthday Themed Toys for a Pug

Celebrate your Pug's birthday with some fun toys that mark his or her special day. 

Fantastic Birthday Doggie Treats & Cake Mixes

Claudia's Canine Cusine are specialty made dog treats, for special occasions, that are made in the USA with 100-Percent USA human-grade ingredients; these are super-great gifts that your Pug will be sure to love.

And if you like to bake, another great alternative are these canine cake mixes (with frosting); these come in two great flavors that dogs love: pumpkin and peanut butter. These, as well, are made in the USA and are fairly easy to make; all you need to add is egg, water and a bit of vegetable oil. With these, you can make either cupcakes for your Pug or a double-layer cake!
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