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Pug Noises

Question: I know that Pugs are supposed to make noises, but can you tell me what are normal noises and what is not? Is burping normal? ~ Mason J. 

Answer: Hi Mason, you are certainly correct that a Pug dog will make noises! This breed will make some rather strange noises and it is important to differentiate between what is normal and what may be a medical issue.

Keep in mind that one of the endearing qualities of this breed is the silly and amusing noises the dog will make; you never quite know what is going to come out of a Pug and it is always brings a grin to Pug lovers even if the noise is not a new one! 

This dog is so friendly and comical, it seem appropriate that they are not quiet dogs! It is normal for a Pug to:
  •     Gulp to catch their breath 
  •     Snore 
  •     Pass gas 
  •     Have reverse sneezing 
It may or may not be normal for a Pug to:
  •     Pant 
  •     Burp 
  •     Have loud breathing 
Pug dog sitting on deck
Panting and loud breathing sounds are expected-  to an extent-  from Pugs of all ages - puppies to seniors.
Because of how a Pug dog's head and snout is shaped, it is normal for this breed to have to catch their breath every now and then.

With this said, heat stress or over-exercise can cause heavier than normal panting noises that require an immediate break from activity, a drink of water and possibly other treatment if the Pug cannot calm down. 

Since this dog breed overheats very quickly, panting will occur as soon as the dog begins to feel too hot; so this can often happen on hot or humid days or if your Pug ends up walking or running around longer than planned.

If a Pug is making noises that appear to be stressed breathing, an owner should bring their dog into a cool environment and allow their Pug to rest.  
More Serious Issues & Noises 

A constant struggle to breath is not normal at all. If this is happening, the dog is in distress; most likely from a blockage of some type. An elognated palate can be partially blocking the air way, causing loud breathing sounds. Stenotic Nares (narrow or closed nostrils) can also cause a Pug to struggle with normal breathing. Both of these issues are common health problems with the breed and often resolved with a surgical procedure.
If a Pug dog burps, this may be triggered by the food that he is eating or the rate at which he is eating it. While you may not be able to eliminate all of the burping, making even small changes to his diet can help (often the removal of a particular vegetable works). 

Additionally, obtaining a slow-eat bowl or portion pacer to add to an existing bowl allows for slower consumption of food which means less air is being gulped down. If the burping is excessive, this may point to an acid reflex problem and your vet should be made aware of just how often your Pug is indeed burping.
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