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The Best Beds for a Pug Dog


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Pug sitting in a bed
Dupree, 7 years old | Photo courtesy of Jamie Baity & Brandon Olson
You may be wondering if your Pug really needs to have his own bed. What about if his favorite spot for naps is right by your side on the sofa? Or if your own bed, full of fur, is proof that he loves sleeping with you?

In fact, even if the above is true, choosing a quality bed for your Pug can benefit him in some very important ways. Let's look at how having his own bed can really help a Pug. 

The Benefits of a Bed for Your Pug

#1 Feeling more secure when home alone. Taking measures to help a Pug better cope when he's home by himself is a common issue for many owners.

Issues like separation anxiety run rampant with the Pug breed, mostly due to the Pug being bred specifically as a companion dog. Unlike some other breeds that may have strong canine instincts to scent, hunt, retrieve, or guard, a Pug's deepest urge is to be with his humans.

So, when he's alone, the worst set up for a Pug that struggles with this is to be in a large room or even worse, have free reign in an empty house. 

If your Pug needs to be more secure, you'll want him to have a great canine playpen and within that, a high quality bed. This works to offer the feeling of a 'den'; and when dogs have that feeling they calm down, are better able to relax and feel safer. 
#2 Proper support - Having a barrel-shaped body, short legs and a brachycephalic profile, Pugs are prone to several issues.

1) Hips issues. The way in which a Pug carries himself puts a lot of wear and tear on joints, and in particular the hip joints and socket. It is important that a Pug has the right cushioning and support under his body when he rests and sleeps.

With the right bed, weight will be evenly distributed without undue pressure on any one body point and the right orthopedic (memory foam) mattress will conform to the body for optimal comfort. 

If you looked at two 7 year old Pugs; one that mostly rested on the floor for years and the other rested and slept in a quality canine bed... the one that had the bed would out-run, out-endure and have much less joint discomfort than the other, less fortunate dog. 

2) Breathing issues. Being a brachycephalic breed (compressed snout) often brings about some level of breathing issues. Many Pugs snore and/or snort at night while they are trying to sleep due to compressed breathing passages. 

One fix to this is to offer more humidity in the air via a humidifier placed within close proximity. And another helpful method is to offer a Pug the right bed that allows his body to curl and position in a way that allows the neck to stretch. While you can always try to tuck a small pillow under your Pug, most likely it will slip out soon afterward.

Additional Reasons Why a Human Bed is Not the Place for a Pug

Hygiene - Particularly for Pug puppies and senior Pugs, but applicable to Pugs of all ages depending on their level of house training, a bed is the way to go if a Pug dribbles pee or even has a full accident. As opposed to that pee soaking into your entire mattress, you can opt for a water resistant bed and/or one with a removable cover for washing. 

In addition, since this is a high-shedding breed, there is often a lot of fur left behind wherever a Pug tends to rest; and it's better to have this in one small area as opposed to your entire bed.

Worsening separation anxiety - While both you and your Pug might love snoozing together, this can set him up to fail once he's home alone and wants to nap. Dogs that only have access to their own bed when alone can make a negative connection. 

Bumpered, Bolster Beds

What these are: These types of beds have a flat support bottom and 3 side bumpers. These are easy for a puppy or dog to access and are easily moved from one spot to another. 

Why these are great: This is the best choice for most Pug puppies and dogs. These can be found sizes ranging from extra-small (new puppy) to small (older puppy, young adult) to medium (full grown Pugs). These offer the secure feeling of a 'den', and the important neck and head side support pillows. 

What to look for: A memory foam mattress is a must if you want to offer the right support. You can find cheap dog beds for about half the price, but they'll be no matter than throwing down a blanket. 

You'll also want the side bumpers to be sturdy so that they do not compress thus nullifying their purpose. Also, look for a removable cover, so that you can wash it on a regular basis. 

Recommended Bolster Beds for Pugs: Each top choice is made with quality memory foam for optimum support.

Flat Mattresses

What these are: Unlike bumped beds that have attached side pillows, these are flat mattress. Though, some models can be found with one side pillow.

Why this might be a good choice: There are some dogs, that no matter what, just love to lay on the floor. And if a Pug is very stubborn in that way, he may be reluctant to rest on an appropriate surface.  In these cases, a flat mattress is a great idea. You'll still want that orthopedic memory foam, but you can also find it with this type of design. 

What to look for: As with any bed for a Pug, you'll want the mattress to be constructed of memory foam that conforms to the body and offers the right support. Look for a quality brand that won't flatten out.

It's also best to have a removable cover so that you can wash off debris, pee dribble and fur. 

Recommended Bolster Beds for Pugs: Each top choice is made with thick memory foam for optimum support.

Elevated Dog Beds

What these are: Elevated dog beds are cots that are raised off of the floor by several inches and for the Pug breed, these do have some benefits. 

Why this might be a good choice: These types of canine beds are excellent for keeping a dog cool since they allow for air flow underneath the body and are not constructed with thick materials.  And since the Pug is indeed a breed that tends to overheat, an elevated bed can be a great option for some of you.

If you live in a hot climate and the house tends to get stuffy, these work well. Also, these are fantastic to use as portable resting areas for a Pug outside in the summertime. A Pug can stay out much longer in the heat if he has adequate water, is in the shade and is resting on this sort of cot. 

What to look for: Since the goal of this type of canine bed is to offer a place to stay cool, look for one that is constructed of breathable fabric for optimal cooling. Because quality is key (so that seams do not rip) be sure that it is rated high for sturdiness with a strong frame.

If you will be using this outdoors, you'll want the fabric to be mold and water resistant. 

Recommended Elevated Beds for Pugs: If your Pug could use some help staying cool, these are some great choices. 
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