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Pug Dog Articles

Here we offer detailed answers to some great Pug dog questions along with articles of interest. If you have a Pug dog question, you can always write to us at: and if we choose your question to answer on the site, we'll notify you right away.

Appearance Questions

Chinese Pugs - What are Chinese Pugs and are they different from the AKC standard?
Long Haired Pug Dogs - Is there such a thing as a long haired Pug? Does this elusive canine exist...and if so are there photos to prove it? Find out.
Black Pugs - Read about genes, breeding, history and interesting facts regarding solid black Pug dogs.
Miniature Pugs- Is there such a breed as a miniature Pug? This section discuss why this term is used.

Behavior Issues

When Pugs eat poop - Learn how to stop your Pug from eating feces.
Pug is acting afraid - How to handle things if your Pug is scared or nervous
Pug Sleep Habits - Learn how much sleep is normal for Pugs at all ages: newborns, puppies, adults and seniors. Also answers to common sleep related questions. 

Care Questions

How to choose the best harness and color for a Pug - Due to being a brachycephalic breed, the Pug needs to have the right harness and collar for any time that he is on leash. This will help prevent breathing issues, aid in preventing injury and help you have good control when walking. Learn how to choose the right accessories for your Pug puppy or older dog.

Activity Questions

Swimming - Can a Pug dog swim good? It is a healthy activity for this breed?

Health Issues

Pug Has a Cold - Find out what steps to take if your Pug is suffering from what appears to be a cold
Pug Dog in Pain - How do you know if your Pug dog is in pain? And what should you do?
Pug Hair Loss - Reasons why the coat may thin and steps you can take to help
When a Pug Has Fleas - This breed can be very sensitive to flea bites. Learn how to treat this fast.
My Pug is Itchy - The top reasons why a Pug may be having terrible itching issues, with exact steps to resolve this fast and permanently. 
Pug Dog Farting and Gas Problems - Aside from the jokes about flatulence, this can be a chronic problem for this breed. Read about things you can do to cut down on the amount of air that a Pug is gulping down with his food and other steps you can take to limit gassy issues.
Pug Dog Constipation Problems - While diarrhea is a common intestinal issue with dogs, constipation can also be a troubling problem as well. This article covers what you need to know and helpful, at-home remedies. 

Food Related

Pug Dog Won't Eat - Detailed article on what to do if your Pug has a drastic lack of appetite
The best healthy snacks for Pugs - The best food for your Pug to eat may be right in your fridge. Learn what to feed this breed that is prone to becoming overweight. Easy treats that are wholesome, delicious and low calorie

Housebreaking Problems

My Pug Pees on My Bed - What you can do about a Pug marking on your bed


Price - How Much Do Pugs Cost?- Read about why the price of Pug puppies vary and how to know if you're paying a reasonable price.
How to Choose a Good Pug Puppy - Picking out a Pug pup from a litter can be daunting; our detailed article will help.
Male VS Female Pugs - Read about the difference that one can expect when comparing male vs female Pug dogs. Are there differences in behavior? Train-ability?
Pug Dog Facts - Interesting tidbits and facts regarding this awesome breed
Why do Pug dogs make so many weird noises? Does your Pug grunt, snort and wheeze? This article talks about what noises are normal and red flags signs to be aware of.
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