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Peeing on Bed

Pug Puppy is Peeing on Bed

Question: Our puppy is peeing on the bed. Why is it when my Pug gets in bed with my husband and I, he urinates on my husbands side of but doesn't on my side? Owner: Carol , Pug: Sunshine 

Answer: Hi Carol. We understand your "lol" because this may seem amusing, however we are glad you wrote in because this behavior really does need to be addressed. It will be a continual cycle unless some changes are made.

All dogs have an inner need and strong inbred desire to belong to a "pack". Now, in modern times, it is the dog's human family who is the Pug dog's pack.
The pack (this includes all pets and all humans) needs to have a leader. If there is more than one human, there will be more than one leader.
Problems can occur when a dog only sees one main caregiver as the "Alpha' but does not have that same reverence for another human - in this case, it may be your husband.
A dog will learn who is leader based on several factors:
  • Who they see as enforcing rules
  • Who feeds them
  • Who gives in to them and who does not
If the hierarchy of the house is not clear, a dog can become confused and will do things such as peeing on beds to test the structure of the household. Once a puppy feels comfortable that they understand who is the leader(s) in the home, they will then behave accordingly by obeying properly and listening to what an owner is asking.

When your Pug pees in the bed, this is most likely not a house training issue, but rather an issue of your Pug claiming that spot. We're going to assume that this is not a full emptying of the bladder, since it happens while you are right there with him; and that rather it is a light spraying which would indicate marking.

If so, we would say that your puppy sees you as the leader and is feeling threatened by your husband as the possible "2nd in command". Your Pug is fighting for 2nd place in a passive aggressive way.

By peeing just on your husband's side of the bed, your puppy is saying, " This is my area, I own this spot next to Sunshine and I am marking my territory!"

You, as the leader in your puppy's eyes, must be the one to work together with your husband to teach your pup that it is indeed your husband who owns the bed with you and are both leaders together in the household.
First, address the actual peeing:

1) We are going to assume that before your puppy pees on the bed, he makes the motion to get ready to pee. If at all possible, stop him by interrupting him. This can be done by startling him before he does the deed. Loudly and quickly say, "No!" This will cause him to turn and look at you. 

Then, pick him up and take him off the bed. Without hesitation, bring your Pug to his normal area for peeing. He may dribble along the way, however the goal will be to have him at least finish peeing outside.

He may stop all together if this is spaying and not a need to empty the bladder. However, if he does urinate in the designated area that you bring him to during regular training, give him great reward and praise.

2) Clean all bedding on a hot setting and additionally spray the sheets and blankets with an enzyme cleanser for canine marking issues. This will help to eliminate scents that you won't be able to pick up, but your Pug will that would otherwise prompt him to want to continue using that exact spot.

3) The door to the bedroom should be closed off so that your Pug does not have access to it.

4) Until this behavior is under control, we'd suggest not allowing your Pug up onto the bed; he needs to learn that your husband is a leader before he is allowed to be up there with you. If not, it will send mixed signals.

Now to Teach Your Pug about Leadership

1) Both of you should be involved in all aspects of taking care of your Pug, particularly feeding. Your pup should be expected to obey the 'sit' command before food is put down. Split up the task so that alternatively give meals. 
2) Be very aware of the way that you all enter and exit the house. If a dog is allowed to leave or come back in before a human, he can interpret this to mean that he is put first and the owner is being submissive.

3) Both of you should be involved with teaching your Pug all basic commands.


Once you have had 2 to 3 weeks go by with your Pug not allowed on the bed, access to the room is blocked off and your husband has been involved with instilling leadership, your Pug should be able to be allowed back on the bed and should stop peeing on it.
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