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Miniature Pugs

Miniature Pugs

Is There a Miniature Pug? 

With the Pug dog being the largest of all toy breed dogs, there is confusion among many people as to whether there is an actual breed of the Miniature Pug or "Pocket Pug"

The Answer

There is no such recognized breed as the Miniature Pug dog, toy, teacup or other term used to denote a smaller than average dog. The AKC (American Kennel Club), KC (the Kennel Club), CKC (Canadian Kennel Club), FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and other major dog breed clubs do not recognize a miniature Pug as its own breed or as any sort of offshoot or variation of the breed. 
Tiny Pug dog with kitten
However, there is a dog that is called a Miniature Pug

One dog that is referred to as a mini Pug is a mix of a Chihuahua and a Pug dog. It is also called a Pughuahua or a Chugg (sometimes spelled 'Chug'). Some refer to this crossing of two purebreds as 'designer' or 'hybrid' dogs. 

The result is a canine that looks extremely similar to a Pug, however one can notice a difference in the length of the snout which will be just a bit longer. The body of a matured "mini Pug' will be leaner with longer legs. 

How big will a Chihuahua/Pug mixed Chugg dog grow to be? This will depend on the Pug to Chihuahua gene ratio that is passed down to the puppy; though most will be smaller than a typical Pug. Final adult weight will range from 3 pounds (1.36 kg) to 10 lbs. (4.53 kg).
Miniature Pug dog
Is This Safe?

Yes and no. Many discourage the mixing of purebreds. It does not help toward breeders' goals of maintaining integrity and improving the bloodlines of either purebred.

Breeding and subsequent pregnancy can pose risks. If a Chihuahua is chosen as the dam, with a Pug being the sire, the puppies will have larger heads (due to Pug genes) than otherwise. The breed is already prone to needing C-sections and this sort of crossing only increases the chances of that.

Pocket Pugs

While a breeder can in fact breed a Chihuahua with a Pug to produce what the public knows as a Miniature Pugs, there are others who claim to have "Pocket Pugs"

Some breeders will take 2 runt Pug dogs (dogs that are the smallest of their litter) and then breed them together, hoping to produce smaller than nature intended dogs, and will dub them teacups.

When you take two tiny dogs, that are smaller than the breed standard, these dogs may require more care. Bones may be more fragile, there may be issues with hypoglycemia, etc. To pair two tiny Pugs will only serve to produce more Pug puppies that are too small and with more potential health issues.

Others will falsify the pup's age so that one will believe that they are receiving a small Pug when that dog is actually younger than the papers show. As you can imagine, this is highly unethical and is very dangerous for the pup's health.
Caring for an Undersized Pug

If you have obtained the so-called "Miniature Pug" or "Teacup", care will follow along the guidelines of the care of smaller toy breed dogs such as the Pom or toy Poodle. Because this dog will can be as small as 3 pounds (1.36 kg) when fully grown, he or she will need to be handled more carefully.

You may also have a Pug that happens to be smaller than average due to Mother Nature. What is considered small? 2.5 pounds at 8 weeks...4 lbs. at 12 weeks...5 lbs. at 4 months. However a pocket pup these sizes may be growing slow. He or she may have a growth spurt later on and reach the standard size.

Here are things that you can do to best protect your undersized or mini Pug:
When driving in the car, any dog should be fastened in safely with a seat restraint. However, a Miniature Pug will be especially vulnerable to falling off of the car seat during a sudden stop or quick turn and can be injured very easily. 

Care must be taken when family members are walking around the home. Small children must be aware that this dog can scoot under their feet quickly; if a child or any person stepped on a Miniature Pug by accident, great harm would be done.

Having a mini Pug sleep in an owner's bed can have risks. Being so tiny can hold the risk of suffocating under thick blankets or being rolled onto unintentionally during slumber. This smaller type of Pug will not be able to hold their elimination quite as long and time and patience should be given in regard to house training.
This very tiny dog will be considered an "underfoot dog"; as they should be. Very tiny pups and dogs can be easily stepped on or tripped over...causing quite serious injury.

The weather may affect this Pug more than usual. It is recommended that any small toy breed dog have dog clothing for outdoor elements. A small dog should be protected from the cold, most importantly. Rain gear is also suggested.

If your Miniature Pug is a cross between a Pug and a Chihuahua, there may not be any extra health concerns. However if your tiny Pug is a result of unethical breeding, health issues can be many. 
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